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Over the last few years, the quality of digital locks has improved dramatically. However, the amount of choice available can be seriously confusing for many people unacquainted with the world of locks and door hardware. Keep reading to find out which Digital Lock you should or shouldn’t buy.

Samsung SHP-DS510

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Samsung Digital Lock

Of All of Samsung’s offerings. This is one of the few I would recommend. This Digital Lock functions similarly to the Lockwood Digital Deadbolt (below) with a couple of slight differences. The programming is almost identical, but it is also compatible with the included prox tags so you don’t always have to enter your code. A small reed switch fitted near the edge of the door allows the lock to sense if the door is open or closed for the auto lock feature. unlike the Lockwood lock which simply re-locks after a preset time period. This helps prevent damage to the frame when you need to have the door open longer than 15 seconds!

The DS-510 also fits into a standard 54mm hole meaning it should be compatible with most deadlocks on the market today. So if you are renting, replacing the lock with a standard deadbolt is simple and leaves no exposed holes in the door. The main downside to this lock is the keyway. It’s not standard (In Australia) by any means and this often means having a separate key for this lock. Usually, with a Digital Lock this means an easily misplaced key – not good!

Our rating – 7/10

Lockwood/Yale Assure Digital Deadbolt

Lockwood Digital Deadbolt

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The Lockwood Digital Deadbolt is easily the most popular Digital Lock available. A neat satin finish is available and the deadbolt fits easily into a standard (54mm) deadbolt footprint. Conveniently the keyway is a standard LW4 key way that can most likely be easily keyed alike to other locks in your home. A keyless version that allows the user to use a 9v battery to externally power the lock in the batteries goes flat is also available.

Zwave or Zigbee upgrade kits give the Lockwood Digital Deadbolt even more Smart Lock functionality. These kits make this Digital Lock a great choice for Airbnb hosts by giving complete control over access codes remotely.

Our rating – 9/10

Lockwood 001 Touch

Lockwood 001 touch, digital lock, lockwood digital lock
Lockwood 001 Touch

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The Lockwood 001 touch was Lockwood’s second foray into the home Digital Lock segment. Built on the companies tried and tested 001 Deadlatch this lock retains the internally keyed cylinder. Making this lock one of the few true Digital Deadlocks. To open the lock there is a choice of either code or card. Extra access cards can be ordered in packs of 10 and multiple user codes can be set if the lock is changed into “advanced mode”. However the default “simple mode” is sufficient for most home users.

The size is what lets an otherwise great product down. It’s quite large internally, measuring 109 x 123mm for the internal body. There are some extra holes or fixing points required over a traditional 001 meaning that there will be some patching and painting to repair if wanting to revert back to a keyed cylinder. Aside from these small issues, the 001 Touch is a great high-security Digital Lock.

Our rating – 8.5/10

Samsung SHS-P718

Samsung digital lock, digital lock, digital smart lock
Samsung SHS-P718

By far the most expensive option on the list the Samsung SHS-P718 proves that most expensive doesn’t always mean best. On the surface, this lock looks great with lots of great features including auto wake up,  intruder and fire alarms. A high-quality fingerprint scanner, RFID tag, password and override key provide multiple options for opening the door. Given Samsung’s reputation for quality consumer electronics it’s not surprising that this is a popular choice for customers in the market for a new digital lock.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good for the Samsung SHS-P718. It is by far the biggest lock on the list, coming in at a huge 387H X 85W X 61D. The required minimum door thickness of 38mm, therefore makes it incompatible with a vast majority of Australian doors which are usually a standard size of 35mm. If your door does happen to be compatible with the Samsung SHS-P718 you’ll find that it won’t easily retrofit in place of your existing hardware. And once it’s installed, there are no other products that will fit in place meaning that if it fails, you’re left with a lot of patching up to do or worse – a new door.

our rating – 4/10

August Smart Lock (2nd Gen)

August Smart Lock, Digital lock, Smart Lock
August Smart Lock

The August Smart door lock is unique in that it isn’t an entire lock and rather an attachment for your existing lock. The August unit easily retrofits on the back on any single sided deadbolt without any drilling or chiseling. An App controls the lock and can be connected to Alexa, Apple and Google assistant to allow voice control. Geofencing and the ability to lock or unlock the lock from anywhere. August also offers other products including a keypad and doorbell system that integrates with the lock in the same app making this product extremely versatile. As with many of the locks on the list, the august smart lock is not a deadlock, and the app has had reports of reliability issues. Hopefully, these can be fixed by the developers in the near future.

our rating: 7.5/10

We hope these short reviews have given you some insight in to which product best suits your needs. For more information or for Locksmithing services and quotes in Melbourne, Contact Asguard Locksmiths on (03) 9068 8225.

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