As a property manager, you are looking for the most effective keying system for the buildings. Did you know that the simplest option is to install a master key system? 

It can be a lot to keep track of on top of giving keys to the tenets and other workers in the building. Now imagine if you just had one key that went to every door on the property. 

Master key systems can increase security and make life even easier as a property manager. Read on to see what a master key system is and how you can benefit from it. 

How Master Key Systems Work

A master key system is a modern mechanical access control system. A system like this is recommended for any type of building. The building could be residential, an apartment building, or a large commercial building. 

In any basic single-key locking system there are two sets of pins. The lower level has the key pins where the ridges of the key connection with the lock.

Driver pins are on the top. Those pins raise and lower as pins put pressure on them. When the correct key unlocks the door, the two sets of pins work together and can turn and open the lock to the door. 

When a master key system gets installed, another pin is installed. These pins are called master wafer or master pin. These pins go in between the two-pin systems which are already in place.

Now the key fits into the lock slightly differently. This allows the same key to work on multiple different doors. Any standard lock can become a master key system if the master wafer or master pin is added to the existing locks. 

Typically there is the master key, the sub-master key, and the maintenance keys. The principal or master key controls all locks on the premises. Sub-master keys are given to people on the team who will need access to specific areas. Maintenance keys are useful for staff who need access to a lot of different locations, especially after hours. 

The Installation and Cost 

Installing a master key system is going to be a job for locksmiths. The installation requires the locks on the doors to be customised and rebuilt. In the end, there is the potential that the lock cylinders could need repairing. 

Master key system costs depend on several factors. The cost will increase depending on how many doors are in the building and the number of keys that need issuing. 

The Benefits of Master Key Systems 

One of the main benefits of having a master key system is the security that comes with it. 

Certain employees need access to specific areas such as storerooms or utility closets. So access gets provided to specific rooms while restricting access to say a tenets apartment or other private spaces. 

Or say an apartment building needs to allow tenants into the garage or basement as well as their apartment. With a master key system, they have one key for all of those things. Now they have total control over who can access certain areas within the building. 

Affordable Security Option

Adding a master key system is an affordable security option compared to something such as security cameras or adding other large scale security measures.

If a key gets lost, you as the property manager can simply rekey the one door that you need to. Now you don’t have to rekey every single lock in the building. 

So not only will you save money upon installation, but you will also save money down the line on rekeying and maintenance.  


There is also serialization for master keys. This means that each key has a unique serial number so we can identify individual keys. The serial numbers also help to ensure that there is a record of how many keys exist, what level of access the key has, and who it belongs to.  

Key Control Software 

We can keep better records of keys issued to different personal and tenets with key control software. 

The software is a cloud-based software that gives real-time updates with who has what keys and where they can access it. This is also known as a master keying system chart or template. 

Rekeyable Technology 

Say that one of our master keys is lost. Rekeyable technology allows property managers to rekey locks at the mast key level. No more rekeying every door in the building. 

Now it is just a matter of replacing the master keys for the key holders only once we have rekeyed. This offers significant cost savings for the building as well. 


Adding key clips or coloured master keys can be a great way to stay organised as well. It is even possible to allocate a colour per floor or area of the building. Helping management and other staff members stay organised. 

Property Management at its Finest 

If you are one of those property managers that own multiple types of businesses or facilities, master keys systems could benefit all different types of facilities. 

Master key systems are great for multi-tenet buildings as well as larger organizations. Whether you are giving keys to employees or tenets, you will have complete control over who has access to specific locations. 

You can even have master keys that work across several buildings in case employees or managers need access to multiple facilities. 

Enhancing The Business with a Master Key

Master key systems are designed to help ensure that keys are accounted for at all times and there is a way to access each room.

Instating a master key system for the property begins with calling a locksmith. If you want extra security and other benefits of a master key system, it is time to call Asguard Locksmiths. The highly-trained technicians are ready to help install the locks and hardware that suit your needs.

Call Asguard Locksmiths Melbourne today and see just how helpful installing a master key system can be. 

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