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Need a key system that enhances on-premise security with efficiency and flexibility? For different groups of people needing access to different areas within the building, a master key system might be just what you need. It will organise and control access to multiple locks, with each lock in the hierarchy operated by a change key, and then one key – the master – which can open all doors in the system.

From mechanical master key systems to restricted, call us today to handle all your concerns. Our team can help supply or install, and will advise on the right controlled system for your business.

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From the front door to the back, we will supply the most suitable system for your needs, from one of the most reliable brands in Australia.
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We use strict guidelines when installing new systems to ensure maximum workmanship, integrity & security.
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If you need high security, we can tailor a master key system to restrict access and suit your unique needs.

What is a master key?

A master key provides a whole new level of security for premises of all sorts. These systems are key plans where selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors, with access determined by individual roles or requirements. A master key system gives homes or organisations more control over their safety, and provides convenient yet filtered access to the rooms on your premises. They can also save you money on key-cutting and replacement costs.

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Restricted master key systems

Unlock further access control with a restricted master key system which provides an extra layer of security by controlling key duplication. We recommend this type of key management to enhance the overall security of the system by reducing the number of keys. With only authorised individuals able to order copies, and only the locksmith who set it up able to make duplicates, you can rest assured that all keys will be accounted for. We can supply and install restricted key systems for apartment buildings, schools, the office and more.


Our locksmiths can supply & install customised master key lock systems

At Asguard, we’re highly qualified and experienced in designing and installing master key systems for residential, commercial and industrial needs. We always maintain strict guidelines to ensure the security of our systems, and offer a scalable keying solution that can be customised to suit any organisational structure. We have a range of systems at our disposal, and work with the best key suppliers in the industry.

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FAQs about our master key systems

How does a master key system work?

Master key systems generally use cylinders with specially-designed pins which can be re-configured to allow different keys to open certain locks. The master key is designed to open all the locks in the system, while each individual key will only be programmed to open a specific lock or group of locks. This allows for greater control and flexibility when it comes to managing access rights for different users.

Why should I use a master key system?

Master key systems offer a high level of convenience and security for properties with multiple users, as they allow each user to have access to only the areas or locks that they are authorised to use. This increased control over access rights can help to ensure that no unauthorised individuals gain access to the property, while still allowing those who are authorised to easily access the areas they need. 

What is a Grand Master Key?

A Grand Master Key (also known as a Grand Change Key) is a specially-designed key that can open all locks in the master key system, including those locked by other change keys and individual keys. This provides an extra layer of security, as it allows only one key holder to have access to all areas of the property. 

How secure are master key systems?

Master key lock systems provide a very secure solution, as they allow for precise control over who has access to which areas of the property. As each individual in the system is assigned their own key, unauthorised access can be strictly limited and closely monitored. Keys cannot be copied without authorisation from a registered signatory.


Are there any drawbacks to using a master key system?

The main drawback to using a master key system is that if the Grand Master Key is lost or stolen, it can be difficult to regain control over access rights. As such, it’s important to ensure that only one person holds the Grand Master Key, and make sure that proper security measures are taken to protect it. Additionally, master key systems can be more expensive than other locking solutions, so it’s important to consider whether the increased security and control over access is worth the added cost. 

Can I install a master key system myself?

Installing this type of system requires special tools and expertise, as each lock must be configured correctly for the system to work properly. Always seek the help of a specialist locksmith to ensure that your system is set up correctly. Asguard provides these services as part of its commercial locksmith services.

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