While living in Melbourne is quite safe (excuse the pun!), last year there was 28,337 burglaries in Melbourne. Thats equivalent to 3 per hour on average! Having a properly installed safe is your last line of defence against would be thieves. Here is 5 reasons to buy a safe you may not have though of.

1. Protect those important documents

A safe isn’t just for jewellery or gold! Important papers like Birth Certificates, Passports, Title deeds, Old photos and even USB flash drives with valuable digital information should all be kept in a safe. These items can be difficult, expensive or even impossible to replace, so lock them up!

2. Protects your belongings from workers you may have at your home

Many people these days have Cleaners, Nannies, Au Pair or Various Tradespeople working in their house. Sometimes occasionally, sometimes weekly or daily. While we usually only hire people we trust, keeping your valuables locked away in a safe gives you peace of mind knowing that they won’t disappear next time your plumber or nanny stops by!

3. Gives you peace of mind when you’re out of town

The last thing you need while away on a holiday or business trip is the worry of your valuables going missing in the event of a burglary. Having a correctly installed safe will ensure that your valuables remain in your hands, and not in the hands of even the most dedicated thieves!

4. Safes can protect from fire, not just theft!

Many areas of Melbourne a prone to bushfires in the hotter months. Something that a lot of homeowners forget is that in the event of a fire, time is of the essence, and trying to get valuable and sentimental items out of your home can risk a serious injury or worse – death. Let a quality fire safe protect your valuables so you can concentrate on getting your family to safety.

5. Keep electronics away from kids until their homework’s finished!

Perhaps a little extreme, but locking up your child’s iPad or game console can help ensure straight A’s when that report card comes around!

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Thanks for reading!

The Asguard Locksmiths Team